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a few Words from Ray

The Ten Day Process’s complete formula will provide you with the best body-mind detox that the world has to offer allowing an expansion of consciousness which will break down your boundaries and limitations forever.  All in just 10 days.

"The Process is short, inexpensive and creates bonding, friendship and support amongst the participants that can only come with this kind of experience.  It combines scientific and spiritual information and allows the participant to develop the ability to expand beyond their own limitations.  The participant will be able to experience the body-mind changes as a new awareness from  a higher frequency of existence arises within them".


would you like to...

  1. Be FREE of the dependency of food cravings and hunger or worrying about your health and what is good for you as the ‘experts’ keep changing their minds.
  2. KNOW that your body is at its maximum potential. Be the perfect size and weight for your body, as you were designed to be originally.
  3. Have MORE energy and vitality with better quality of sleep and more time.
  4. KNOW that you can experience whatever is calling you without the fear of getting it wrong, making a mistake or failure.
  5. KNOW you can be healthier and more energetic.
  6. KNOW you can be more free in everything.

Do you feel a calling for a deeper life experience?  A call for spiritual development or simply MORE? Are you looking to expand your awareness?

Do you wish to experience and understand more of who you are?

 "The hunger is gone, I feel vital and energetic"

"Tonight I had 4 or 5 hours of sleep and I don't feel tired."

"The biggest benefit is that it has given me more creative freedom."

"It is so much more than 'eating' or not eating."

"Becoming the empowered creator of your life and awakening into who you are."


I came to feel my heart expand

"There are so many surprises in this process, thank you for bringing it to my country"

"I experience spirit much more"

"I felt so pure when I was with myself in moments of connecting to spirit and to my tranquility"


"it is very straight forward, very scientific"

"Normal people with normal jobs can have healthy looking bodies".

"Clarity of vision, more focused, more love, can manifest more things in your life"

"I flew all the way from Australia to come to Holland and do the process".

"I feel more clean; more liberated".

"Ray explained it in such a normal, scientific, spiritual and emotional way... he also integrated manifestation into it!".


Some 10 day process participants from around the world...

10 day process details

Forthcoming processes take place in Spain, USA & Israel.

Spain - 3/10/2016 (picture on the left) see full details and payment option below!

USA \ Canada - Full details here.

Australia - September 2016 Contact for more details.

There are no special preparations that need to be done before starting the process but some basic instructions will be sent by email a month before the process begins. Some of the participants decide to change their diet to something "lighter" before the process which assists in the first part of the process but is not mandatory.

The process itself has been created to gradually balance the four bodies - the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.

Every day in the process

  • We meet for a short and easy physical excercise using ancient routines followed by specific breathing excercises and a guided meditation. These are all chosen for their special ability to support and strengthen the mind, body and spirit through the process and post process.
  • Every afternoon the group meets again to once again excercise breathing excercises and guided meditations. Every night we also have a sharing circle and some nights we have other group activities.
  • During noon time we have different workshops (described below).
  • In between workshops/sessions there remains a lot of free time to allow the participants to experience and understand the evolving Self through this very special spiritual process.
  • Every night there is a sharing circle and some nights we have other group activities, workshops / classes / films.
  • There will be one day of Vipassana.
  • You will learn a unique Karma Cleansing Exercise.

Workshops \ Classes

  • Manifestation workshop (two parts) - for more details view this video from Ray's lecture in Norway.
  • Basic channeling workshop.
  • A single day of Vipassana
  • Unique Karmatic cleansing excercise
  • Pranic energy workshop.
  • Integration with the outside world (two parts) - helps the participants understand how to explain himself and how to integrate the outside world with his new deeper truth. View the complete from another process online here.

 The monitored gradual fast is as follows

  • A week before the Process the participants are asked to begin a raw food diet, this helps during the deep detox process.
  • On the first day of the Process we only eat fruits.
  • On the second day just drink juice.
  • The third day we only drink water.
  • Then we go on almost 4 days of dry fasting.
  • For the last days we only drink diluted juices.

Have no fear with regards to the dry fasting.  Even though it is completely normal to have some fear, please understand that this is because we have been conditioned to believe that we cannot live without water for more than 3 days.  There are very logical reasons for the 4 days of dry fasting, which will be fully explained during the Process. It is generally a very happy surprise when participants find it easier than they initially expected.

Process Schedule

The Guides


Both guides have already been living the Breatharian lifestyle for many years and are very knowledgeable in the subject. They have both initiated a large amount of people into the breatharian way and have much experience in meditations, health, prana and guiding participants who are at different personal development stages. 

For larger processes, both guides will be present, for smaller ones, only Ray will be present.

Ray Maor

Ray discovered the Breatharian lifestyle in the year 2012 and jumped right in. Since then Ray is considered to be an inspirational guide and a representative of this lifestyle in the western world. 

Ray is the only western breatharian to pass a scientifically validated television experiment where he didn't eat or drink for 8 full days and was under medical supervision for the entire duration.

Recognizing the difficulties this lifestyle carries in the west, Ray has created the 10 day process in order to allow the experience of breatharianism to reach more and more people. He is the primary guide for each process that takes place.

Ray is the Author of the book "A year without food" and the owner of the website where lots of information can be found.

Ray has many different lifestyle videos on his youtube channel.


Tal is known as the "Father of Pranic living" in Israel. He is the pioneer that has brought the Breatharian lifestyle to Israel and is well experienced in his field

Tal has personally guided tens of participants through this unique lifestyle choice, amongst them Ray Maor.

Through his experience, Tal has mapped and deeply understood the most important elements of the process that include facing the different changes that are derived on an individual level. 

Due to his unique skill set, Tal has managed to bring his students to a greater success rate in comparison to other breatharian guides in the world.

Tal is a visionary, musician, dancer and an artist.

For complete payment & registration for the upcoming process in Spain that takes place on 5/3/2016, please press the "Buy Now" button below.

To begin registration, you can pay in full by pressing the above "Buy Now" or you can transfer the € 300 registration fee in the following manner:

1. Through a bank transfer to (this method is preferable)

Name: Ray Maor Technologies
Name of bank: Mizrahi-Tefahot
Number of branch: 573

IBAN - IL25-0205-7300-0000-0234-003

2. Through Paypal - transfer payment to account

 Once you have delivered, please send an email to Ray Maor and you will be personally contacted with all the details.

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Here is a list of common questions and their answers, for more information you can view the video on "how to become a breatharian". If you still have unanswered questions, please contact Ray directly at

Can anyone do the process?

As a general rule yes! However, we do not accept people that have certain diseases or individuals under 20 years old. Any person that has an inner calling or is close to the subject and is interested in experiencing it for themselves is welcome to join.

There have already been several people that are older than 60 that went through it, also people that are skinny and people that are less spiritually developed than others.

So I give up food completely?

Absolutely not. Most Breatharians in the western world still eat or drink, but they do so in small amounts and for different reasons. It is very individual.  Once the Pranic/ energetic engine starts working the individual can decide when and ho w much he want to eats/drinks.

Most people are not interested in complete abstinence of food (although some people's ego requires it before the process).  So they will balance the lifestyle and eat occasionally.  Some eat a few meals a week and some eat something small every evening.  Some, not at all.  It is very individual and personal.

On average, most Breatharian’s eat occasionally but not out of a need or hunger but for social reasons or they desire to taste for pleasure.

In the western world there is very difficult to fast completely since food has social and family ties.  Most participants want to go through the process in order to be independent of the day to day food habit.

What are the main Advantages?

Most of the advantages have already been mentioned at the beginning of this page.

Generally one can claim that the advantages of a Pranic lifestyle are in the areas of physical and mental health and well being, spiritual growth and financial.

I am afraid of such a big change in my life, can I make this process without changing my lifestyle?

Some participants are interested in doing the Process just for the Process itself.  No one is forced to adopt the lifestyle and one can make a decision during or soon after the process according to their own inner guidance.

The process itself is amazing as it introduces the ultimate detox and allows the participants to receive lots of amazing information and experiences.  However, many people on completion of the 10 Day Process, decide to change their lifestyle even if they continue eating because of a better and deeper understanding of their previously toxic habits.

How long does it take for the body to gain back lost weight?

In our experience, participants in transformation processes that include breath-work stabilize their weight quite quickly, reach their ideal weight and remain there.  

This is in contrast with those who participate in the 21 day process. The majority of the latter experience  greater weightloss and a longer period of time of adjustment and reaching their ideal weight.

Will I lose weight after the process? What if I am already skinny?

All participants lose some weight during the process. After the process there is an adaptation period where the body keeps losing weight while it is getting used to and incorporating the new energy. 

During the process the subject comes up a lot and is explained more deeply by the guide. If you are already very thin, it is most likely that your body will not allow you to lose more weight and you will come to a place of balance quicker.

As you can imagine - many of the participants are already thin and they all have some worries about it but all graduate without issues.

There are no ‘fat’ Breatharians as the body releases all of the toxins and extra fat during the cleansing & adaptation periods. Every Breatharian will eventually reach a place of ideal weight and balance.

Why haven’t I heard about Pranic nourishment before?

  1. Most Breatharians are by nature people of spirit who will sometimes prefer to speak less about it with others. This is especially due to various confrontational reactions which can be dramatic, cynical, offensive, etc.
  2. Lack of scientific collaboration.
  3. Lack of cooperation with the media in the presentation of this lifestyle.
  4. A general lack of acceptance, understanding and faith in such. If my friend is Breatharian and I tell another friend about it, the second friend’s skepticism can keep him from believing me. This is because the second friend did not see or speak to the Breatharian directly and it becomes a matter of “a friend of a friend.” One who is attached to conventional ways of thinking will find it hard to believe.

What happens to the digestive system? Doesn’t it degenerate?

If we compare the internal organs of the digestive system to the filters of a car, we realize that the more we drive the car the quicker the filters and the engine will wear out.  

The less we drive it, the more it is considered ‘novel’ and it’s second-hand value will be greater. So naturally, the more we use our internal systems, the higher the chances of erosion and ultimately developing some sort of future issue.  

For example, the blood tests and surgical findings following the death of a mature Breatharian woman demonstrated that her internal systems were in a much healthier and younger state than those found in other people.  

Lastly, irregular and minimal eating/drinking will still revitalize the digestive system and make use of it – albeit a less intensive and more pleasant usage.

I'm not happy with my eating habits, should I do the process?

The process actually "breaks" our day to day habits/ addictions allowing us to observe from a higher perspective and reset them into healthier patterns.  

If your unhappiness is the result of an eating disorder, it is not recommended that you attend the process.  Otherwise there is no issue.

Seems wrong?

If your eating disorder is due to an underlying unhappiness or dissatisfaction with yourself, it is not recommended that you attend the process. Otherwise there is no issue.

What’s the difference between Breatharians and those who deny themselves food for other reasons – not necessarily health ones?

There are significant differences between Breatharians  and people who deny themselves food  (those suffering from Bulimia or Anorexia or  who are on a ‘food strike’).  

Breatharians do not need food to survive.  They do not feel hunger nor do they reach the state of starvation. This is not a type of fasting, although fasting is involved initially, rather an alternative lifestyle choice.  The main reason why Breatharians will not take many calories into their bodies is that they feel no need for such.  

Another thing I have mentioned in a few places is that Breatharians do not need to balance what they drink.  The Pranic energy will already do this for them, just like a plant knows exactly how much sun it needs to receive.

Everything has its own frequency and while every person is unique in their own choice of lifestyle, it holds true for everyone that high frequency foods lead to high frequency healthier and happier people.  Gaining nourishment directly from the source of all is the highest frequency you can get so, like everything else in life, it is recommended that for the best results, go directly to the source.

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